Frequently asked questions

How do I login to my account? 如何登录?

In the Know uses your mobile number to identify your account. If you have already created an account, enter your mobile number and password in the appropriate fields and tap "Sign In" to enter the app. If you have not yet created an account, or have forgot your password, use the links on the sign in page and follow the steps to create an account or reset your current password. In the Know使用你的手机号码为你开通账户。如果你已经是用户,输入你的手机号码及密码,然后点击登录即可进入应用。如果忘了密码,可以根据提示链接重设密码或者开通新账户。

Is my device supported? 都支持哪些设备?

Currently, In the Know is only available for mobile devices supporting iOS. In the Know现阶段只支持装有iOS系统的设备。

Is this age appropriate for my child? 适合给孩子用吗?

In the Know is appropriate for kids an adults alike. Some of the topics you can learn are about everyday situations that "adults" encounter (such as ordering drinks at a bar), so we do not recommend the app for children under 13 years old. In the Know的内容通俗易懂,适合大部分年龄群。有些生活话题涉及成人社交场合,比如在酒吧点酒,所以不建议13岁以下的儿童使用。

How do I cancel my subscription? 如何取消订阅?

You can cancel your subscription by opening the app and navigating to "Profile". Next, tap on "Billing & Payment". At the bottom of the page you will see a "Cancel Subscription" link. Follow the steps on the subsequent screens, and make sure you have your current password handy. 打开In the Know应用,在我的里点击账单,页面最下方能看到取消订阅的链接,按步操作即可,切记需要已有密码。

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