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Explore a variety of common scenarios

Such as "Coffee Talk", "Dining Out", "Banking", and so many more!

Our hybrid-language comprehension method

View detailed explanations of real-world scenarios with associated words and phrases, in a more intuitive reading format custom-made for native Chinese speakers to learn English more efficiently and naturally. Our curated content is crafted to be simple and effective.


In the Know is designed to help you better understand sentence structure, concepts, and vocabulary in context. 

English words and phrases are inserted into a Chinese explanation, so you can learn in small, digestible bits.


Hear how to properly pronounce useful or interesting English words, with just a tap!


Save words, phrases, and snippets of text so you can come back to them.


Go back to your saved words and phrases to help commit them to memory.


It's a whole new way to "view" language learning

Learn in the real world

While you're out living life, use your camera to capture objects you want to learn more about.

Isn't it time you felt like you were In the Know?

Start living your life to its fullest! Whether on vacation, traveling for work, or adjusting to a life somewhere new, In the Know will prepare you with the skills you need to have meaningful conversations with anyone you meet.

Ask questions to our community of experts

We're not here to judge. Ask any question related to English content and receive helpful responses from those who were once in your shoes.


Memorizing words has always been difficult for me. Learning words this way is like finally putting names to the strangers you pass by all the time on the streets, but now you recognize them when you see them. 

- Brook Zhao


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